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Want To Learn More About Network Spinal?

The ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) is an international organization dedicated to helping standardize and improve chiropractic pediatric care with research, education, and certification.  Find out the latest information about pediatric Chiropractic care here!

Epienergetics is a resource focused more on helping chiropractors grow their understanding of the best possible chiropractic care with certification and education regarding the Network Spinal system.  They focus, as we do, on the links between biological, mental, emotional, and spiritual health in order to promote maximum wellness overall.  This is a great resource for finding out more about the chiropractic technique we specialize in.

Network Spinal Founder Today
Want to learn more about what the founder of Network Spinal is up to these days? This blog article from 2021 covers some of the exciting energy healing work that Dr. Donald Epstien is pioneering.  We focus on Network Spinal, but this post-chiropractic work is an interesting and suggestive expression of the mind-body-spirit connection that Network Spinal works on.

This talk by Dr. Donald Epstien covers some of the important mechanics of Network Spinal from a seminar he held.  This seminar is aimed at chiropractors, but it’s a great 10-minute overview of what is involved with Network Spinal and the theory behind it.

This article discusses the experiences of the renowned speaker, author, and entrepreneur Tony Robbins and his wife with Network Spinal and how it changed (and improved!) their lives.  It includes a video of a public speaking event where Tony talks about the experience in some detail.

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