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Who Benefits from Chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of a healthier, happier life by bolstering the natural healing of their body.  While this makes chiropractic a practical and useful type of care for just about everyone, we find that working with high performers who ask a lot of their bodies and minds and families who are trying to keep up with the various demands on their time are often poised to benefit the most from chiropractic.

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“High performers” are often young people in their 20’s to their 40’s who are athletic or work in high-stress environments and find the natural support that chiropractic offers to be a great boost.  For some, an initial course of care with occasional follow-up appointments is sufficient, for others regular appointments help with maintaining their wellness gains.

When working with families, one of the key aspects is that different people in their different walks of life have varying needs when it comes to chiropractic.  Infants and children are spending the majority of their energy on growing and learning.  Supporting them is very different from supporting a mom working from home who watches those kids.  Her care, in turn, might be quite different from what a family member working manual labor might need.  The key is that at Unbound Potential Chiropractic, we learn what your needs are as an individual and tailor your care to suit those needs.

If this sounds like the kind of care you or your loved ones need, we encourage you to out and schedule a visit with us at our practice in Scarborough, Maine.

Our Chiropractic Techniques and Their Benefits

Network Spinal

We consider this system so integral and important to our practice that it has become more central than any other technique to how we assess and care for our practice members. The system is based on the research and work of Dr. Donald Epstein. It is a system that first emerged in 1982 that focuses on bridging the gap between physical wellness, mental wellness, and spiritual wellness, uniting these facets of an individual’s care into a single approach to care.

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Rather than forcing your vertebrae into position as conventional chiropractic does, this system uses very gentle pressure to guide the nervous system into alignment for your best health.  In fact, the highest possible pressure that Network Spinal calls for is equivalent to the lowest pressure exerted in conventional chiropractic care.  Instead, the focus is on providing gentle, focused stimulation to the nervous system to highlight and strengthen positive, healing associations in the body.  

This gentle guidance of the nervous system is where the power of Network Spinal comes from.  Our understanding is that our bodies have all the innate ability to heal that we need to overcome a wide range of disorders, diseases, and symptoms; Network Spinal is how we help the body to use this innate ability to affect the healing it needs to achieve and maintain maximum wellness and well-being.  

Ultimately, many of the symptoms we suffer from in life are a result of the body (or mind or spirit) being overwhelmed by a specific trauma that can be overcome naturally with proper guidance.  Network Spinal focuses on working through and past these roadblocks to healing with gentle, persistent encouragement of your natural, vital healing ability.

Webster Technique

This technique is specifically suited to helping practice members prepare for a healthy, easy birth experience.  This method focuses on aligning a mother’s pelvis during pregnancy and is fundamentally important to working on what we call the “Three P’s” (Power, Passage, and Passenger). By helping to relax and release tension in your pelvis prior to birth we prepare both you and your new child for continued wellness.

benefits of chiropractic care

The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care From Unbound Potential

Because we focus on fulfilling your specific needs, rather than working towards a universal agenda, your specific benefits will vary, but in general, you can expect the following benefits from working with us.

  • Easing of symptoms related to pain such as difficulty with mobility, rapid fatigue, and range of motion restrictions
  • A reduction in experienced stress and anxiety; and related symptoms such as insomnia and disconnectedness from passions and purpose
  • Reduced pain in your joints, especially your back, hips, and neck
  • Less struggling with chronic conditions like ADHD and Asthma

The precise benefits you receive will depend on your needs and care plan.  If any of these dis-functions are things you struggle with, or even if you have concerns not named here, please talk to us about them during your intake process.  We are dedicated to assisting practice members to experience the greatest wellness they can.

Join us as a practice member and enjoy the many wellness benefits that come with membership and care.  To schedule your intake, please contact us today.