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Unbound Potential Chiropractic

About Our Practice

If you’re here learning about Unbound Potential Chiropractic, it’s likely because you or someone you love is struggling with pain, discomfort, or another acute or chronic condition.  We’re here to help with exactly this.  We aim to help all our practice members experience profound wellness, and in so doing, unlock their potential to live their life to the fullest with confidence in their well-being and inherent health.

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We treat all our practice members with the respect and kindness we would wish to be shown, assessing the actual desires and needs of members in order to tailor their care to their real-world needs, without preconceptions.  We believe that every great relationship is built upon respect; building this precious foundation starts with listening to you closely through our intake process.  Ultimately, only you can determine what wellness means for you, what sorts of goals you hope to achieve, and how you wish to live your life.  For some members, getting through the day without pain or keeping a chronic condition at bay is the primary goal, for others it’s increasing energy and mental clarity.  By making sure we’re working towards exactly what you need we make certain that you are getting the type of care and results you want.


Depending on goals and current wellness, you or your loved one could be best served by any number of different care plans.  This is why we customize every care plan to suit the unique needs of each member. It’s important to understand that every person’s body, mind, and spirit are affected in different ways by their different experiences, and while there are many commonalities between us, no two of us have the same chiropractic care needs.  As a result, your experience and care might be quite different from a friend or family member’s experience and care.

Our Mission

Unbound Potential Chiropractic provides practice members with the opportunity to embrace their vital life force by allowing its power to heal the body from within.  Based on the evidence we have seen in our practice, we believe that your body’s natural instinct to heal can be assisted by relaxing and releasing tension from the nervous system. Thus, allowing your neurology to become more effective and life experiences more profound.  To this end, Unbound Potential Chiropractic is dedicated to staying up to date and informed on the evolution of chiropractic and how we can best help you to lead a happy life full of wellness.

The Unbound Potential Chiropractic Difference

Unlike nearly every other chiropractic practice in Maine, we specialize in Network Spinal, not conventional back-cracking chiropractic.  What does this mean? It means that we provide gentle care that balances the needs of your body, mind, and spirit.  We aren’t here to crack your spine and send you on your way, we’re here to help you develop the deep reserve of wellness that makes navigating your life appreciably better no matter what challenges you face. 

Expecataions and Outcomes

While the exact care provided varies between practice members, our process remains consistent and well-defined.  The expected outcomes are also consistent.

Becoming a practice member in 5 easy steps

  1. All new practice members will be asked to fill out intake paperwork. This allows us to gain knowledge of your health concerns and health goals.
  2. You’ll meet with one of the doctors for a one on one consultation to determine what you’d like to gain from chiropractic care.
  3. Posture analysis and neurologic assessment will be performed to gain a baseline of how your nervous system is functioning.
  4. During your Report of Findings appointment, a doctor will present you with an individualized care plan with your specific chiropractic recommendations, based on health history and assessments.
  5. Begin care and your journey towards unbound potential!

Potential Outcomes

While your unique experience and challenges will affect your needs and outcomes, there are some general trends you can count on. The following are outcomes we aim for in virtually every case.

    • Better physical health in general
    • A stronger and more resilient body
    • A reduction in stress and related symptoms
    • An increase in mental clarity and focus
    • A sense of emotional well-being
    • A stronger connection to your sense of purpose and passion
    • A reduction in symptoms from chronic conditions and disease

Join us as a practice member and enjoy the many wellness benefits that come with membership and care.  To schedule your intake, please contact us today.