Chiropractic care has been a huge part of my life. I’m under care and so are my boys. Oliver (1yo) no longer gets monthly ear infections, meaning we can keep him off antibiotics! And Kayden (7yo) started care because of water sensitivity issues, now he’s able to enjoy both the pool and bath time!

— Caroline, 25, Mom Of Two

I got into a near fatal motorcycle accident that left me with severe shoulder and back pain months later. I had tried almost everything but the pain persisted. The pain was keeping me from doing the things I wanted to do. That’s when I started care with Dr. Bob and Dr. Casey. Within a couple weeks I noticed that my back and shoulder pain were completely gone. I was amazed, I had tried everything and was close to just accepting the pain as my normal. Because of the care I got from Dr. Casey and Dr. Bob I’m able to do everything I was able to do before the wreck and more.

Nikolai, 28, Father And Husband

During my pregnancy Dr. Bob took excellent care of me. I was having severe low back pain and morning sickness. I was afraid I would have a long and painful delivery like my mother and her mother had before me. I had heard chiropractic care was great for expecting mothers. Dr. Bob explained the importance of pelvic alignment and it’s role in delivery. He was very gentle with the adjustments and I noticed a difference almost immediately. He took time to explain what he was doing and why he was doing it. I felt completely comfortable with him and fully trusted his advice. To my surprise, the adjustments not only helped with my low back pain, but also with my morning sickness! The best part was my labor and delivery lasted only 7 hours! It was incredible.

-Bryana, 26, Pregnant Mama, Now Mother

Drs. Bob and Casey have allowed me to increase my walking and stability. Before their care I wouldn’t have been able to ride a bike and struggled to put pants on in the mornings. Now I get out and about for a ride whenever I want.

– Jerry, 72, Retired School Principal

After getting under care with these two I no longer have migraine HA’s and can sleep through the night! That means more energy for me to manage the gym.

– Shelbe, 42, 9 Rounds

I’ve been experiencing headaches once a week, insomnia and night terrors for the longest time. Everything I did the “traditional medical way” didn’t seem to work. I’ll be forever grateful for meeting Dr. Bob who educated me on health and healing. He took time to explain, where my problem was coming from and how the body heals and functions through a clear nervous system. After just two months under Dr. Bob’s care, I am no longer getting weekly headaches, my quality of sleep improved and I am no longer restless during the day. I also have way less night terrors. I would highly recommend Unbound Potential Chiropractic if you want to live a life filled with more abundance, happiness and better health.

-Kosta, 22, Student

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