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Chiropractic FAQ

There are no wrong questions, and we encourage you to reach out to ask us anything you’d like about our practice.  In the meantime, these are some of the questions we’ve gotten the most.

Questions About Chiropractic For Pregnancy

Can chiropractic help with pregnancy?

In our office, we truly support a woman’s innate and unquestionable right to make informed health decisions for herself and her family. We provide a safe community that exists to support a mother on her journey through pregnancy, whether it be pre-post- or any of the steps in between. 

We make use of gentle and specific technology to help track your body’s function as it grows and changes. This allows us to locate miscommunications within your system before they turn into issues for yourself or your baby. Maintaining neurological adaptability through pregnancy gives you strength, clarity, and confidence to uphold your intended health decisions.

You are doing miraculous, important work by creating a baby. Through this process, your brain and nervous system are communicating to the rest of your body how to develop your baby accurately and effectively. Subluxations can inhibit your nervous system’s ability to transmit communications optimally. This leads to resistance within your nervous system which may result in pain, dysfunctions, improper communication to, and position of baby, and increased stress to your body.

Gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments remove subluxations from your nervous system. Removing this tension allows your body to process through and manage stress much easier. The sooner you begin care, the sooner your body can begin to function at its best, giving baby the best start at a healthy life.

My baby is breech and I’ve heard chiropractic can help.

While we don’t specifically treat pregnant mothers to prevent breech babies, we do know through research that consistent chiropractic care has been proven to allow the baby to move into a more ideal birthing position, along with reducing labor times and pain by 30%!

We’ve had problems with infertility, can chiropractic help me become pregnant?

What we know is when you have spinal tension, or subluxation, in your system, it can lead to miscommunications within the reproductive system. Once we remove that nerve tension, your reproductive system can work at its most optimal level of health.

Questions About Chiropractic For Newborns and Children

Is it safe to adjust my newborn or child?

Yes. The amount of pressure used to examine and adjust a newborn is comparable to the amount of pressure needed to check the ripeness of a tomato.

How soon after giving birth can I bring my baby in?

As soon as possible, we’ve worked with infants as young as 10 days old. The birthing process isn’t just hard on mom but also extremely hard on the baby. The twisting and pulling on your baby’s head, to remove them from the birthing canal, can lead to trauma in their upper neck. That pressure can affect the spinal cord and send abnormal communication from your infants’ brain to its developing body. Babies who are free of nerve interference have the best potential to grow up to be healthy adults.

Can chiropractic help my child with ADD/ADHD?

When there is spinal cord tension, or subluxation, in the upper neck this can cause miscommunication between brain and body. That miscommunication can manifest as hormonal imbalances such as ADHD, ADD, anxiety, or depression. Once spinal cord tension is relaxed, and the body is given time to heal, hormones may start to stabilize themselves and behavioral changes can be seen.

My baby can only look in one direction, can chiropractic care help with this?

During the birthing process, your child may go through a tremendous amount of trauma; twisting and pulling on the neck causing damage to their underdeveloped spine and muscles. When spinal cord tension exists in the body it can lead to decreased range of motion in the neck, aka baby has a hard time turning its head in both directions. Once spinal cord tension is relaxed, and the body is given time to heal, the baby’s range of motion will increase.

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