Unbound Potential Chiropractic For Body, Mind, and Spirit

At Unbound Potential Chiropractic, we’re focused on helping you to experience consistent wellness and be allowed to flourish, realizing the full potential of your body, mind, and spirit.

Using the gentle-yet-powerful Network Spinal technique, we are able to find and adjust the problems in the system that block the body’s natural intelligence from carrying out successful healing.  It’s core to our philosophy that the foundation of our technique is to directly empower you to heal naturally and quickly.

Unbound Potential Chiropractic

Our Mission 

Unbound Potential Chiropractic provides practice members with the opportunity to embrace their vital life force by allowing its power to heal the body from within.  We believe sincerely that your body’s natural instinct and understanding of healing can be assisted with chiropractic care to become more effective and profound.  To this end, Unbound Potential Chiropractic is dedicated to staying up to date and informed on the evolution of chiropractic and how we can best help you to lead a happy life full of wellness.

Our Techniques

Network Spinal – Sometimes referred to by its old name “Network Spinal Analysis” or “NSA,” this technique is a culmination of the intentional integration of a wide range of chiropractic techniques to offer a gentler, more holistic treatment paradigm.  With very gentle applications of pressure to activate the nervous system, we use this technique very extensively, especially for working with young and sensitive practice members.

Webster Method – Webster Method is a specialized chiropractic technique focused on helping pregnant women.  Being able to easily and gently align your pelvis before birth is better for baby and for you.


High performers ask a lot of their minds and bodies, chiropractic can be exactly what is needed to achieve more.  Getting chiropractic help with stress, neck and back pain, or even a sense of disconnectedness from life and work, can make all the difference.  Because we focus on the whole person and their holistic health and well-being, we are well-suited to supporting and enhancing individuals who are struggling with balance in their lives.  If something has been “off,” if your passion has faded, if you’re getting tired faster, maybe it’s time to come to Unbound Potential and find out how we can help you be your highest self again.


In our pregnancy chiropractic care, we emphasize the “three P’s,” Power, Passage, and Passenger. “Power” is about making sure practice members believe in their own ability to give birth and connecting with your innate wisdom. “Passage” is about preparing the birth itself, making sure the pelvis is strong and balanced. “Passenger” is about making space for your little one both mentally and physically by relaxing and releasing tension from surrounding tissue.

Taken together, these priorities, supported and carried out with our guidance, expertise, and techniques, allow for an easier and less intimidating childbearing experience for expectant mothers.


One of our driving values is lifelong wellness.  The best way to ensure a long and healthy life is to start off on the right foot from the beginning. We’ve worked with children as young as 10 days old to maximize well-being with the application of very gentle pressure that unbinds the stressors of birth.  We keep working with young practice members on a wide range of common developmental conditions and disorders ranging from colic and constipation to asthma and ADHD.  As partners in your family’s well-being, we will work to support your child’s changing needs as they grow and experience new challenges.

Dr. Casey Chiropractic

The Benefits of Chiropractic

Chiropractic is designed to be a complete system of wellness and health that is parallel to conventional medicine.  By helping your body to be in its best possible state, we guide you towards ever greater wellness.  The specific form this takes is a reflection of what your needs are as an individual.

Are you experiencing acute pain? Chiropractic can help relieve pain and strengthen your body to reduce your suffering.

Do you have mental fog and headaches? Chiropractic can help bridge neurological gaps and restore the functioning of your nervous system.

Does your child suffer from frequent earaches? Chiropractic can help bring their body into alignment and adapt with the stressors of growing so that they experience long term wellness.

While not every health problem is ideally suited to chiropractic care, our approach of fortifying the body’s own natural healing and guiding the body’s intelligence are helpful for many different discomforts, pains, and neurological disorders. If you want help being truly well, naturally with minimally invasive care and without resorting to toxic artificial compounds, Unbound Potential Chiropractic is for you.

Become a Practice Member

If this resonates with you, or you’re curious to learn more, please reach out to us today to find out about how to become a practice member and enjoy the holistic wellness of body, mind, and spirit.